Free Story Board PDF Template

If you are looking for a way to present your ideas in a story board format, then please download this. You can use the .doc form or import the PDF into Adobe Illustrator, OR just print it out and write on it like the old days.

Import Customers into Zen cart script – PHP

This is a series of scripts we’ve used to import customers into Zen cart’s catalog database. Change the info as needed, and remember that since Zen Cart is open source, if you have made custom modifications to your tables or prefixes – you need to update the script accordingly.

If you would like a custom solution and quote – contact us at 425-466-0804 for more help.

SquirrelCart to Zen Cart Import Scripts

This is a Squirrelcart to Zen Cart import for inventory, products, customers, etc that you can modify to suit your needs. We’ve used this to import many squirrel cart catalogs into Zen Cart’s framework with minimal effort.

Of course, you’d better be able to manipulate scripts or at least know how to tweak things to get them fully adapted to your target and source systems – however if you would like a quote for assistance with this or any other eCommerce system or shopping cart – contact us here.

All scripts are provided “as is” and no support is provided .. this is to help you get a head start if you have import projects like this.

Sample Campaign Volunteer Form Template – Publisher

This is a sample campaign volunteer form template you can use to gather names, emails and other information. It can be used for volunteer events, campaign events, meetings or other times that you want to gather signatures or opt-in information for a future contact or other communication.

Format is Microsoft Publisher.

Sample Website Proposal Powerpoint – Performance Web Wireframe

This is an example of a Powerpoint outlining a performance website and how the pieces could fit together. We did this for a non-profit we donate time and work to, helping them create a non-profit back-end system using for non-profits, as well as donation systems, website CMS – an online store and more!

When we got done with their project – all of their leads, whether donors, volunteers, alumni or prospects for camp – all pipe into