How to use Windows FTP through My Network Places

Here is how you can use Window’s built-in FTP client through My Network Places (or Netowrks in Vista)

How to FTP Files using Windows – Steps:

In XP – go to “My network places”

In VISTA – “Go to “Networks”

Select “Add new network”

Select “Other network place” (usually the last option, some computer “load” this section with ISP offers, etc – by default it is just ‘MSN’)

Type in the following:


Password: [whatever your ftp pass is]

Username: [whatever you username is]

Now you can drag and drop files into your ftp space “almost” like your desktop. A cut & paste job results in ftping those local files on up to your website. If you intent in ftping is to place files on your website – make sure you are placing the files in tghe right directory for the control panel or server type you are using.

cPanel places files in public_html, while PLESK uses httpdocs. This is where your website begins and the root of the site is located.