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Import Customers into Zen cart script – PHP

This is a series of scripts we’ve used to import customers into Zen cart’s catalog database. Change the info as needed, and remember that since Zen Cart is open source, if you have made custom modifications to your tables or prefixes – you need to update the script accordingly.

If you would like a custom solution and quote – contact us at 425-466-0804 for more help.

SquirrelCart to Zen Cart Import Scripts

This is a Squirrelcart to Zen Cart import for inventory, products, customers, etc that you can modify to suit your needs. We’ve used this to import many squirrel cart catalogs into Zen Cart’s framework with minimal effort.

Of course, you’d better be able to manipulate scripts or at least know how to tweak things to get them fully adapted to your target and source systems – however if you would like a quote for assistance with this or any other eCommerce system or shopping cart – contact us here.

All scripts are provided “as is” and no support is provided .. this is to help you get a head start if you have import projects like this.

Zencart Google Checkout and freeoptions shipping module issue and solution

My client is using the new Google Checkout Module with Carrier Calculated Shipping, et al. (v1.4.5)

You can see the Google Checkout module for ZenCart here.

His freeoptions shipping module allows free shipping for orders greater than $50.00.
This is what his freeoptions shipping method options are:
Shipping Cost: 0.00
Handling Fee: 0
Total >= 50.00
Total < = Weight >=
Weight < = Item Count >=
Item Count < = When you navigate to google checkout as a customer, it would not follow the pricing rules-- it would allow free shipping for any order regardless of price. Here’s the Zen Cart Google Checkout Solution:

In the googlecheckout/gcheckout.php file, find these two lines: (line numbers 533 & 534)

$price = $quote[‘methods’][0][‘cost’];
$shipping_price = $currencies->get_value(DEFAULT_CURRENCY) * ($price>=0?$price:0);

replace them with:

if ($quote) {
$price = $quote[‘methods’][0][‘cost’];
$shipping_price = $currencies->get_value(DEFAULT_CURRENCY) * ($price>=0?$price:0);
unset($googlepayment->mc_shipping_methods[$key]) ;
continue ;

This should fix the other options in freeshipper as well – items, and weight, since it performs the same way (though I haven’t fully tested it in every possible combination or onfiguration). It should also fix any other shipping methods that just don’t show up based on some sort of option configuration.

Hope this helps someone else!