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USAePay AVS response codes & CVV2 result codes

AVS Result Codes

The following is a list of result codes to help you with USAePay Рspecifically for the Address Verification System (AVS). This is a set of responses  and what each one indicates.

AVS Code Alternate Description
YYY Y, YYA, YYD Address: Match & 5 Digit Zip: Match
NYZ Z Address: No Match & 5 Digit Zip: Match
YNA A, YNY Address: Match & 5 Digit Zip: No Match
NNN N, NN Address: No Match & 5 Digit Zip: No Match
YYX X Address: Match & 9 Digit Zip: Match
NYW W Address: No Match & 9 Digit Zip: Match
XXW Card Number Not On File
XXU Address Information not verified for domestic transaction
XXR R, U, E Retry / System Unavailable
XXS S Service Not Supported
XXE Address Verification Not Allowed For Card Type
XXG G, C, I Global Non-AVS participant
YYG B, M International Address: Match & Zip: Not Compatible
GGG D International Address: Match & Zip: Match
YGG P International Address: No Compatible & Zip: Match

Card ID Result Codes – CVV2

The following is a list of result codes for the CVV2/CVC2/CID verification system and what each one indicates. These codes are returned in the UMcvv2ResultCode variable and provide developers with greater control over the CVV2 system. Many developers choose to capture and display the UMcvv2Result variable instead. The UMcvv2Result variable contains the meaning of the code rather than the code itself.

Code Meaning
M Match
N No Match
P Not Processed
S Should be on card but not so indicated
U Issuer Not Certified
X No response from association
(blank) No CVV2/CVC data available for transaction.

Proposal Kit Coupon & Discounts

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Web Design, Development and Consulting Cliches

In 2003 we put this together with some help from our friends over at SitePoint & the Flash Kit forums. A lot of time has passed since then – standards change, the popularity of certain technologies wax & wane – even new “BuzzWords” emerge or go out of style. As the clients shout out their “feedback” in the game below – what cliches have you heard as a designer, developer or as a consultant? Post your comments and the best will get updated into the game. Immortality is yours – take it! Without further ado – it’s time to play….


It’s not in the contract…
(Free therapy for Developers & Designers! )